9 Apr 2015

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Well, here goes...There's politics in everything, even if its free, so it's refreshing when "big" organisations work together; SEN Direct is a great example of what can happen when somebody has a great vision and pulls a lot of organisations together, nine in all including big guns like Scope and Mencap. Hopefully this will be the sort of site where people find help, that can actually do something wonderful or constructive for their young person. Jolanta Lasota is the current chair of the SEND Consortium, launched in January, who realise that parents don't want to navigate through a lot of websites to find services that their child needs. I like the idea of a one stop shop and suppose it will only be a matter of time before there will a comparison site for services similar to the one made famous by the meerkat and the trip advisor, lot's of socks will have to be pulled up then won't they?...Allsorts bloggers have also been inundated with requests to highlight this little beauty Therapy Directory, I'm like, enough already, there it is!  My real favourite, original one stop shop is Treating Autism to whom I will be forever grateful for the  empowering articles, ideas, approaches, conferences that helped me understand how to help my child to gain a non diagnosis. Who cares if someone says oneday, after eight years of intervention in the NHS, "Ummm, maybe your child didn't really have autism?" Thats fine....check your standardised assessment honey...over the years, we have learnt that parents need: 1. Diagnosis 2. Support 3. Rehabilitation stratagies 4. Maintenance Strategies....and you don't get it from one place...do you? In fact, the best support I've ever gained has been from other parents. Maybe we can reincarnate Allsorts in the Purbecks. Its part of local lore and legend! Watch this space!

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6 Mar 2015

New 'Postman'!

Congratulations, and thanks, to Alexandra Lejeune who has agreed to take over the running of this site. I hope it may prove to be as useful in the future as it has been in the past.

Mike Hadley

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