15 Jan 2012

Apps give autistic children 'a voice'

The touchscreen technology of devices like the iPad is giving children with severe autism a voice - ...


10 Jan 2012

ArtzandSportz Activities 15 Feb

Purbeck Sports Centre, 15 Feb, 2-4 pm, ages 7-16, £4 Contact: 01305 252250

Download leaflet from: http://tinyurl.com/86ucyrg

7 Dec 2011

Autism and Dyslexia programme


"Professor Uta Frith came from a grey post war Germany to Britain in the swinging sixties, when research into conditions such as autism and dyslexia was in its infancy. At the time many people thought there was no such thing as dyslexia and that autism was a result of cold distant parenting, but Professor Frith was convinced that the explanation for these enigmatic conditions lay in the brain. And she set out to prove this through a series of elegant experiments. Together with her students Francesca Happe and Simon Baron Cohen she developed the idea that people with autism find it hard to understand the intentions of others, known as theory of mind. Neuro-imaging experiments carried out with her husband Professor Chris Frith, meant she was able to show that there is a region in the brain which is linked to dyslexia. Uta Frith talks about her pioneering work that has changed how we view these brain disorders."

(provided by Sam Taylor)

6 Dec 2011

The Xchange

The Xchange is a new way of communication with families across Dorset Bournemouth and Poole to enable a record to be kept of children and young people under 19 years of age in these areas who are disabled.

Although this is a Government requirement joining is voluntary. You can ask for your child's name to be removed at any time. Joining is easy and free by completion of a registration form. Leaflet and application form available online. One of the benefits of joining for Dorset Council Tax payers is the Dorset Max Card giving free or discounted entry to a growing number of leisure facilities and attractions across the county.


01305 224523